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PocketWizard TTL5 Tests



OK, next batch of PocketWizards are working a bit better.

They are a bit flaky, and still seem to miss from time to time, but the results are pretty good.  I’m very happy with them, within 20 feet of the target. 🙂

Setup here is one flash to camera right, and one behind the bottles, both with FlexTTL5 triggers on them.

Scotch Bottles 20090808-4621 Scotch Bottles 20090808-4632 Scotch Bottles 20090808-4616


Two Photo Shoots at Foster Avenue Beach


I can’t recommend more strongly to photographers the wonders of the myriad beautiful places available at the Foster Avenue Beach in Chicago, IL.  It’s awesome!!!

First, I met Barb, LaKeita, and Zariah for a fun shoot:

20090905-Zariah-0449-2760-Edit 20090905-Zariah-0484-2795 20090905-Zariah-0504-2815 20090905-Zariah-0359-2670-Edit

After we finished up, I did Engagement photos for Joe and Kara – a lovely, sweet couple from Indiana.  Good luck on your wedding, guys!

Graffiti and pretty girls – always goes well.


Check out those eyes!


The place also has this sweet pier with a warning light at the end.

20090905-Joe-Kara-0175-0175-Edit 20090905-Joe-Kara-0213-0213


And a lovely hill.



Good luck, guys!

Joe’s Christening


Joseph Umberto was baptized in the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Joliet, IL on August 22.

Had a great time with him and his family.  The church is gorgeous, and over 100 years old.

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0055-0163-Edit-6_-5_-4_-3_-2_

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0083-0191  20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0315-0423

Cute kid, looked really good!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0340-044820090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0355-0463 

A great cake

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0365-0473


Lots of happy family!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0605-0713 20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0702-0810

Just chillin’ out after a long day!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0923-1031

Josh and Michele’s Engagement Photos



Took these pictures of a wonderful couple (Michele and Josh) on Sep 19th, at the site of a dam and locks on the Dupage River in Channahon, IL.  Just a great place to visit, and wonderful with a nice sunset!

20090919-Josh-Michelle-Engagement-0090-4655-Edit 20090919-Josh-Michelle-Engagement-0107-4672 20090919-Josh-Michelle-Engagement-0115-4680 20090919-Josh-Michelle-Engagement-0124-4689-Edit 20090919-Josh-Michelle-Engagement-0031-4596-Edit 20090919-Josh-Michelle-Engagement-0060-4625 20090919-Josh-Michelle-Engagement-0086-4651

Lots of fun, and a great place for photos.

Paula and Gordon’s Wedding



On Sept 12th, Paula and Gordon were married at a beautiful venue in rural Channahon, IL (near Joliet).  The location is called the “Four Rivers Educational Center”, and it’s gorgeous, inside and out.

Start it off with a gorgeous girl…


With gorgeous kids who love her!



Add a handsome gent who loves her, too.


Get a nice cake and some decorations.



Get some rings and flowers.



Play some music, and let them dance.

20090912-Paula-Gordon-MD-0641-3794-Edit-Edit 20090912-Paula-Gordon-MD-0651-3804


Take a few pictures in front of a cool fireplace.


And wait for the party!



The rest is history.  Beautiful wedding, guys!

Canon EOS 7D is announced


OK, this is fairly exciting to me.  I was seriously considering stepping up to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II next year, but the newly-announced 7D has some very compelling features.  No real comparison, I suppose, but pretty sweet.

  • 19-point AF system (much improved over its 60D cousin)
  • Wireless flash control – this could be exciting, though I already use many different methods for this
  • 8 FPS
  • 18 megapixels
  • 1080p 24fps HD video
  • 3-inch LCD
  • At $1699 for the body, this is a really great choice (and about $900 cheaper than the 5Dii)

Here’s the Canon Press Release on the EOS 7D

And here’s a great, detailed review from DP Review