Pam and Jim’s Engagement Photos in Chicago


Pam and Jim were kind enough to let me share in an important day in their lives – these are the engagement photos we took in Downtown Chicago.  These first few photos were taken at “The Bean” in Millennium Park – it’s a really cool reflective statue, seemingly seamless, in the shape of a bean.

You can see a lot of folks like to visit The Bean, and there’s a wedding party on the right there, behind Pam and Jim.


Cheated a bit on this one – there is very little room here on this side of the bean, and you’re stuck with a wide-angle lens – therefore, my DoF was a bit bigger than I hoped (even open wide).  So there was a lot of distraction in the background – I used Photoshop to pull the couple out from the background, feathered the selection a bit, and did a HUGE lens blur on the background to make them pop.



After Millennium Park, we took a taxi to the Adler Planetarium, right on Lake Michigan.  It has an awesome view of the city’s skyline, and Pam really wanted to show her family (in the Philippines) what it looks like in Chi-Town!


Purposeful lens flare here… Probably a bit more than I had intended, actually (some dust on the lens).



We were all done, and we saw this interesting sculpture (mostly impossible to see in this photo) gleaming in the sunset. 

20091010-LaChica-LaSota-Eng-0308-6180  It was a fun day in the big city!


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