Liz and Vince’s Engagement Photos

Millennium Park in Chicago is a great place for photos, and a lot of couples seem to enjoy going there.  We took these on Halloween.

Liz and Vince are having their wedding in the Chicago suburbs next summer, and they thought it would be cool to do a downtown shoot for the engagement.

First, they’re a great looking couple – very cool to hang out with.  They got pretty relaxed, but I still really need to work on my skills as a relaxer!

Started off at The Bean sculpture – had some nice golden-hour sun coming in from camera left.  Used a little Speedlight on a Stroboframe for fill and a little bit of eye light.  Used the free “BW Noble” plug-in in Lightroom to convert.


This one is around the corner to the South of the Bean – straight on sunset for Liz, but Vince was a bit out of the direct light.  Liz looked off to the side of the sun to keep from blinding herself.  Used “BW Noble” again here.


This one is on the bridge overlooking Columbus Drive.  Fill flash, sun to camera right, but pretty cloudy at that time.  Used “BW Noble” again here.



On the other side of Columbus Drive, looking back towards the park – sun was just outside of the frame on the top side, so we had a nice backlight.  Fill flash, selective black and white in Photoshop.


It started getting chilly – here we are overlooking the lake and Lake Shore Drive.  Black and White conversion was done in Lightroom using the “Vintage” plug-in.


Used my 50mm F/1.4 lens from below “The Bean” for this one.  They’re not as obvious here, unfortunately.


And Photomatix from three RAW exposures (-1, 0, +1 eV) for HDR on this one.


On my way back up to the bean, I stopped on the North end, and they stood at the concrete rail for a few – some of the best of the shoot.  Lost the sun here, but I used the Speedlight.  I really should have put the flash on a stand or something, but they look good, nonetheless.  Selective B&W in Photoshop.


I had a great time with this shoot.  Millennium Park is a great location with a lot of versatility!  It helps to have such a happy, good-looking couple. 🙂


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