Trip to Lake Geneva, WI


My wife and I took a lovely trip (via back roads) to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Lots of gorgeous scenery.

Geneva Lake

20091103-Lake Geneva-0074-8333

The dock at Williams Bay on Geneva Lake

20091103-Lake Geneva-0072-8331

And in monochrome…

20091103-Lake Geneva-0072-8331-2 

A pond just west of Delavan Lake near Delavan, WI.

20091105-Lake Geneva-0001-8791


The squirrel food outside our lovely little Inn room.

20091104-Lake Geneva-0032-8588 

Evidence of some bark-eaters?

20091104-Lake Geneva-0001-8557


Ducks in Williams Bay.

20091103-Lake Geneva-0193-8452


My lovely wife, Jen.

20091104-Lake Geneva-0089-8645


My good friend, John Jameson.

20091103-Lake Geneva-0062-8321

Farms in Illinois on our way home.

20091106-Lake Geneva-0022-8813 20091106-Lake Geneva-0009-8800


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