Animation – A Tribute to Rush – at Bobby McGee’s


These photos are from a concert of the band

Animation – A Tribute to Rush (

This great show was played at Bobby McGee’s in Chicago Ridge, IL (

First, my equipment was:

A Canon EOS 40D – I think I had it set to 800 ISO all night.

Lenses: Canon 50mm F/1.4, Canon 85mm F/1.8, Canon 200mm F/2.8L, and Canon EF-S 17-55mm



For a LOT of the show, the lighting dude was pushing the RED lights pretty heavy – I converted many of the photos to monochrome to bring out some depth.

You’ll see that Tony Germann (the new guitarist) is the most common, because he actually had SOME lights on him once in a while (and because he’s the new guy).


20091121-Animation-3969 20091121-Animation-4176 20091121-Animation-4200 20091121-Animation-4288 20091121-Animation-4299  20091121-Animation-3595 20091121-Animation-3627 20091121-Animation-3658 20091121-Animation-3721


Great show – I can’t more strongly recommend these guys if you like Rush.


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