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Andrew and James – The Christmas Shoot


Had a great baby shoot – James is about nine months old, and Andrew is about one year old.

Andrew was super-serious for a long time, but Uncle George finally got him going!



Andrew-James-5938-Edit  Andrew-James-5755 Andrew-James-5518 Andrew-James-5456-Edit


We also got Mommy (Cynthia) in there for a few, too – what a happy family!

Andrew-James-6146-Edit-Edit Andrew-James-6142-Edit-Edit


Joe Ferreti-Raucci on Seamless


My first foray into white seamless.  Man, I love this stuff!!!

First, the pictures of the handsome little guy:




IMG_0112-2 IMG_0116-2     IMG_0199-2 IMG_0287 IMG_0358 20091128-Joe Ferreti-2-10 20091128-Joe Ferreti-2-33 IMG_0011-3 IMG_0041-3

Any vignetting you see is caused by Lightroom plugins, not the setup.  I think a few of these could use a little dodging to get to pure white, but you get the idea.


Seamless Setup

First, hats off to the master, Zach Arias – I followed his sage advice closely when I put together my seamless setup.

I got the 9’ roll of paper at Calumet photo (locally, in Oak Brook, IL – boy, the shipping charges were insane to get it online).

Used some folding doors I had in the basement to use as flags.  Lit with two 320ws Photogenic lights (firing at 1/16th or 1/8th) for the backdrop, a 750w hot light in a softbox for fill (Westcott Spiderlite to be precise), and a Canon Speedlite to camera right inside a small softbox for the main light.  I used the nifty new PocketWizard remote Flex-TT5 triggers.  Yes, a little flaky with the Speedlite, but they worked well this day.  The Photogenic monolights also had PocketWizards, but the older style.



I will admit, it was a pain to setup the first time, but man, it was great!