Easy and consistent water droplets – construction

This is part 2!  See Part One

PVC is pretty easy to cut – I used a table saw, but you can use a hand saw, if you like.

IMPORTANT: Wear goggles and a mask to protect your eyes and lungs.  I would prefer not to be responsible for lost fingers, either, so watch what you’re doing.

Step 1: Cut your PVC (5 minutes)Misc-4651

OK, take one of your thicker PVC tubes and cut it into the following sizes:

Two pieces of 11” and four pieces of 4”

Step 2: Make your frame (5 minutes)Misc-4658

Take the 11” pieces, connect them to your 90 degree elbows, and plug those into the other two long tubes.  Connect the tee junctions to the four smaller pieces, and attach the tees to the base of the long pieces.

Step 3: The Water Works (10 minutes)


Slide a rubber washer over the smaller diameter PVC, then the cross-shaped junction, then the other washer.


Slide one of your pipe clamps over the “top” of the pipe, and the other two over the “bottom”.  Then thread the tubing through your clamps, as you see in the photo.

The “top” clamp will keep the tube from sliding wholesale through the junction, and the other two will keep the tubing from flopping around.

You should be able to adjust the height of the drops as needed – I found it effective to leave about one foot of pipe “above” the junction.

It’s a little bit annoying dealing with the rubber washers, but they help keep the apparatus from shaking…  any suggestions here?

Version two of this device will likely remove these clamps and tubing in lieu of all-PVC, if I can get a decent valve to allow me to control the water to the same extent.


Misc-4662Attach your water back with a clamp, if necessary – you may be able to get by without it, however.  Finally, put your assembly over your pan, and give it a shot!

Here are two quickie examples of the drops in action.

Misc-4708 Misc-4818

Please comment with your suggestions.  This is the first iteration of an apparatus that is sure to change!

Take care, all.


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