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Jimmy’s Christening



Last weekend, I had the privilege of shooting at the christening of a baby boy, whose family celebrated his baptism in the Greek orthodox tradition.

First, a few photos of the beautiful Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Westchester, IL.

OK, so I’m still an amateur at HDR! 🙂

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0011-6228_2-6229_3-6230

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0014-6231

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0027-6244

Fairly gorgeous place…  this is a slightly more subtle HDR image.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0053-6270_4-6271_5-6272

Fairly gorgeous place…  this is another HDR

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0056-6273_7-6274_8-6275


This is the christening font itself.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0031-6248  


Little Jimmy doesn’t know what’s coming – totally at peace with the world.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0147-6364-Edit


In the Greek tradition, the Godparents actually handle the whole process.


They start off ensuring the baby is exorcized of any evil prior to his baptism.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0161-6378

The godparents rebuke the devil on behalf of the baby.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0201-6418 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0217-6434

The grandmothers take him and prepare him by getting him ready for the big event.  They put him in a towel to keep him warm and dry.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0244-6461


The priest blesses the water in the font.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0257-6474


The godparents are given oil:

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0310-6527 

They anoint Jimmy with oil.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0339-6556


He is immersed in water three times.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0346-6563 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0348-6565 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0353-6570

Strands of his hair are cut by the priest.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0392-6609 

After all of this, Jimmy was taken back to change into his christening clothes.

The priests wait patiently.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0458-6675 

After he returns, he is anointed again with oil, and carried around the font three times.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0498-6715 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0505-6722

And finally, the priest blesses again before the ceremony was finished.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0516-6733 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0539-6756


He was very chill after all of that action.  He really was a trooper through a real ordeal. 

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0570-6787-Edit  


Congratulations, Diana, George, and James!


Joe’s Christening


Joseph Umberto was baptized in the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Joliet, IL on August 22.

Had a great time with him and his family.  The church is gorgeous, and over 100 years old.

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0055-0163-Edit-6_-5_-4_-3_-2_

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0083-0191  20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0315-0423

Cute kid, looked really good!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0340-044820090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0355-0463 

A great cake

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0365-0473


Lots of happy family!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0605-0713 20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0702-0810

Just chillin’ out after a long day!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0923-1031