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Jimmy’s Christening



Last weekend, I had the privilege of shooting at the christening of a baby boy, whose family celebrated his baptism in the Greek orthodox tradition.

First, a few photos of the beautiful Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Westchester, IL.

OK, so I’m still an amateur at HDR! 🙂

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0011-6228_2-6229_3-6230

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0014-6231

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0027-6244

Fairly gorgeous place…  this is a slightly more subtle HDR image.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0053-6270_4-6271_5-6272

Fairly gorgeous place…  this is another HDR

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0056-6273_7-6274_8-6275


This is the christening font itself.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0031-6248  


Little Jimmy doesn’t know what’s coming – totally at peace with the world.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0147-6364-Edit


In the Greek tradition, the Godparents actually handle the whole process.


They start off ensuring the baby is exorcized of any evil prior to his baptism.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0161-6378

The godparents rebuke the devil on behalf of the baby.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0201-6418 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0217-6434

The grandmothers take him and prepare him by getting him ready for the big event.  They put him in a towel to keep him warm and dry.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0244-6461


The priest blesses the water in the font.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0257-6474


The godparents are given oil:

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0310-6527 

They anoint Jimmy with oil.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0339-6556


He is immersed in water three times.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0346-6563 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0348-6565 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0353-6570

Strands of his hair are cut by the priest.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0392-6609 

After all of this, Jimmy was taken back to change into his christening clothes.

The priests wait patiently.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0458-6675 

After he returns, he is anointed again with oil, and carried around the font three times.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0498-6715 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0505-6722

And finally, the priest blesses again before the ceremony was finished.

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0516-6733 20091018-Jimmy Christening-0539-6756


He was very chill after all of that action.  He really was a trooper through a real ordeal. 

20091018-Jimmy Christening-0570-6787-Edit  


Congratulations, Diana, George, and James!


PocketWizard TTL5 Tests



OK, next batch of PocketWizards are working a bit better.

They are a bit flaky, and still seem to miss from time to time, but the results are pretty good.  I’m very happy with them, within 20 feet of the target. 🙂

Setup here is one flash to camera right, and one behind the bottles, both with FlexTTL5 triggers on them.

Scotch Bottles 20090808-4621 Scotch Bottles 20090808-4632 Scotch Bottles 20090808-4616

Joe’s Christening


Joseph Umberto was baptized in the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Joliet, IL on August 22.

Had a great time with him and his family.  The church is gorgeous, and over 100 years old.

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0055-0163-Edit-6_-5_-4_-3_-2_

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0083-0191  20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0315-0423

Cute kid, looked really good!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0340-044820090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0355-0463 

A great cake

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0365-0473


Lots of happy family!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0605-0713 20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0702-0810

Just chillin’ out after a long day!

20090822-Joe Ferreti Christening-0923-1031

Jen’s Journey



Over the next several months, I will post approximately-similar photos of my kind and patient neighbor, Jen, who is now expecting her first baby.  She’s very kind, because she’s letting me harass her every month with these photos.

Phase One: About 15 weeks

Jen's Journey 2009

Phase Two: About 19 weeks


Phase Three: About 23 weeks


Phase Four: About 27 weeks

20090920-Jen Journey Phase 4-0011-4832

Coming up, in a month or so – Phase Five!


Finally, for those of you interested, here is my simple lighting setup for this.  I’m using PocketWizards (the old kind for this shot), firing regular Canon flashes (just for simplicity’s sake).  One flash has a Sto-fen diffuser on it (the hair light), and the key light is on a small soft-box (18” x 18”).  Oh, yeah – the background is a piece of black velour (?) fabric hanging about 3-4 feet behind the subject.